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Precautions for using a coarse fiber analyzer

Technical Knowledge 2019-02-20 14:05:11
​ The crude fiber measuring instrument is also called a fiber measuring instrument and a cellulose measuring instrument. The crude fiber analyzer is an apparatus for digesting a sample according to the currently used acid-base digestion method and performing weight measurement to obtain a crude fiber content of the sample. The crude fiber analyzer uses the acid and alkali with the correct concentration to digest the sample under certain conditions, and the amount of the mineral is deducted after burning at a high temperature, and the content is called crude fiber. It is not an exact chemical entity, but a summary of the ingredients measured under recognized mandatory conditions, with cellulose being predominant, with a small amount of hemicellulose and lignin.

Technical specifications of the crude fiber analyzer:

1. Determination object: the content of crude fiber in various food, feed, grain, food and other agricultural and sideline products

2. Number of test samples: 6/time

3. Repeatability error: the crude fiber content is below 10%, the absolute value error is ≤0.4; the crude fiber content is above 10%, and the relative error is ≤4%.

4. measurement time: about 90min on the instrument (including 30 points of acid, 30 points of alkali, suction filtration and washing about 30 minutes)

5. power supply: AC220V/50HZ; power: 3.3KVA

6. volume: 540 × 450 × 670mm3

7. weight: 28kg

Precautions for the crude fiber analyzer:

1. Because the instrument is often in contact with acid, alkali and water, and the instrument has 220V AC, the laboratory socket must have good grounding.

2. After each use of the instrument, apply filter paper to blot the water in the suction filter base.

3. When the crucible is burned in a high temperature furnace at 500 °C for 1 hour, do not remove the crucible immediately. Be careful that the temperature difference between the furnace temperature and the outside temperature is too large to cause the crucible to burst.

4. When operating the lifting handle, be careful to slowly raise it. At the same time, pay attention to the alignment of the upper and lower glass ports to prevent damage to the instrument caused by improper operation.

5, crude fiber analyzer When it is difficult to find suction filtration, it is recommended to use vacuum pump suction filtration, see the schematic.

6. If you are not familiar with the first time, you can use distilled water, then pump it out and start experimenting.

7. After using the instrument, it is best to pour the acid and alkali in the flask, add tap water to the bottle, install the crucible, add the water to the crucible, and then separately remove it to clean the pipeline.

8. After obtaining the test results, in order to remove the sample residue in the crucible sand core, the crucible should be immersed in a hydrochloric acid solution of about 30%-50% concentration for several hours, then taken out and washed with water and dried. For the next use.

9. Please pay attention to safety when handling. Add thick latex gloves and cloth gloves when adding acid and alkali to prevent acid and alkali from hitting your hands. When removing the sputum, put on the cloth gloves and be careful to burn your hands.

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