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Precautions for use of low speed centrifuges

Technical Knowledge 2017-01-07 13:50:50
Low speed centrifuges can be widely used in clinical medicine, biochemistry, immunology, blood stations, etc., and are routine instruments used in the laboratory for centrifugal sedimentation.

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1. If the glass tube breaks during the centrifugation process, the centrifuge cavity, the inside of the casing and the surrounding debris should be removed, otherwise the centrifuge will be damaged. A layer of Vaseline can be applied to the upper part of the centrifuge chamber and the rotor can be run at no load for a few minutes. The debris can be easily removed by mixing with Vaseline.

2. Use a neutral detergent such as soapy water to clean dust and residual samples from the centrifuge, but toxic and radioactive materials should be treated specially. If the rotor is found to be corroded and cracked, it should be replaced immediately. It is also necessary to regularly use special glazing oil to maintain the rotor, the basket and the casing to avoid corrosion, and lubricate some parts such as the shaft and the basket ear with lubricating oil.

3, low-speed centrifuge power supply should use a separate socket to ensure voltage stability; if the user's voltage is unstable, must be connected to the regulated power supply, so as not to damage the centrifuge; desktop centrifuge should be placed in a strong, stable, level On the countertop, leave a certain space around the chassis and keep it well ventilated.

4. After using the centrifuge, especially the frozen model, open the lid, wipe off the condensate, and then dry naturally; before and after centrifugation, the rotor must be gently lowered or lifted vertically to avoid collision with the shaft and Turn the head itself.

5. Regularly use compressed air (vacuum cleaner) to remove dust from the heat sink on the rear of the centrifuge body.

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