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Precautions and maintenance of steam sterilizer

Technical Knowledge 2018-02-06 19:49:41
The use of steam sterilizer is a technical activity. Generally speaking, how to use it in the course of the university, how to maintain it, etc., and in our work, it is a very common equipment, so how to use it is also good to learn how to use it. A technology is absolutely useful. By learning and understanding, it will be easier to work in the future. How to use steam sterilizer? How to maintain it?

When using the steam sterilizer, you should pay attention to three points:

1. Add an appropriate amount of water to the sterilizer. Do not exceed the specified water level. After adding the water, wrap the instrument that needs to be sterilized with kraft paper. You cannot directly put the instrument into it. If this is not the case, And for those who need to install the medium or the bottle needs to be inoculated, use eight layers of gauze to tie the bottle, then wrap it in kraft paper for sterilization.

2. close the lid to start heating, when the heating, open the exhaust valve, there are a lot of cold air need to be drained, do not drain the temperature, do not go away when heating, pay attention to temperature and pressure changes, the temperature to 70 degrees when the exhaust The valve is turned off and continues to heat up. When the temperature reaches 120 degrees, the power switch is adjusted, and the exhaust valve is properly opened to keep the temperature constant.

3. When the sterilization time is reached, it will start to cool down. When cooling down, you can turn off the power directly and open the exhaust valve slightly. If you want to accelerate the cooling, you can use water to wet it, but you need to unplug the power to avoid electric shock. It is necessary to pay attention to safety first.

The maintenance of steam sterilizer is also very important. Paying more attention to maintenance is very important to extend the life of the equipment. There are three main points:

1. Change the water regularly. If the water is used for too long, there will be a lot of dirt. The residue should be cleaned regularly.

2. Regularly check the pressure gauge and temperature gauge for calibration. If the instrument is abnormal, stop using it and use it after it has been repaired.

3. If it is not necessary to drain the water inside the sterilizer for a long time, keep the inside of the tank clean to avoid rust. Wash it after each sterilization, and the gasket should be dried. The use of steam sterilizers is to pay attention to the operating procedures, can not take things for granted, it is best to have operational records, but also have maintenance records, so that it is more clear.

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