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Laboratory incubator shaker operation instructions

Technical Knowledge 2019-11-21 09:20:00
When using a laboratory shaker, be sure to follow the instructions of the laboratory shaker before, during, and after installation to avoid unnecessary equipment failure. In order to operate the equipment, please also follow the following requirements:

1.Place the shaker on a platform or table that supports the weight of the shaker and all related components.

2.Please ensure that the indoor temperature range is between 18 ° C and 34 ° C, and the relative humidity is as high as 90%.

3.Please confirm the local power supply voltage requirements before use. It is recommended to connect the equipment to the dedicated power supply with ground protection installed.

4.Appropriate leveling of the equipment by placing the bubble level on the top drive bearing housing

5.The mounting of the flask fixture is to secure the base of the fixture to the platform by using the correct type and number of screws.

6.Standard of operation:

When the shaker is working at high speed, in order to avoid large vibration of the instrument, the culture reagent bottles should be placed symmetrically on the cradle, and the culture fluid of each bottle should be approximately equal.

Please firmly fix the sample on the shaker. Make sure that the sample does not move vigorously before the shaker is working.

During the sampling process, if a sample is found to be missing (including the plug is dropped), the total power supply should be turned off, and the debris should be removed with tweezers as much as possible. If necessary, some parts should be disassembled for cleaning. Do not handle it directly by hand when working on the shaker. 

It is forbidden to put the pipe rack made of plastic foam into the shaker to prevent the foam particles from inhaling the fan shaft, causing the fan to overheat and burn!

When removing the sample, turn off the power or turn the speed to zero.


The surface of the instrument should be scrubbed frequently to keep it clean. When scrubbing, avoid the side of the instrument control box to prevent water from entering the instrument and damaging the instrument.

When the instrument is used frequently, it should be filled with an appropriate amount of grease every few months. Regularly check the fuse box, control components and the fastening screws around the instrument for looseness.

When the shaker is used for a long time, when the instrument fails, it should be repaired by professional maintenance personnel and cannot be easily disassembled.

When the shaker is not used for a long time, especially during the rainy season or wet season, it should be energized for 5-8 hours on a regular basis (every 1 month) to drive off the water absorbed by the electrical components of the equipment.

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