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How to maintain the glass reactor?

Technical Knowledge 2019-02-16 19:53:35
The glass reactor is limited to indoor use. The power lead protection grounding of the instrument is connected to the housing and the application part and must be reliably grounded through the power socket. The glass reactor should be equipped with a leakage protector when it is used in a place where it may be wet. When operating the instrument, be careful to keep the operating surface clean and avoid hard objects from hitting the glass instrument to avoid damage to the instrument. Use a neutral cleaning solution to clean the surface of the instrument. Do not use any solvent-based liquids. Maintaining a good working environment and avoiding inadvertent mishandling is an important part of maintaining good performance and prolonging the service life of the glass reactor.

Glass reactor maintenance instructions:

1. Check the instrument carefully before use. Whether the glass bottle is damaged or not, and whether the interfaces are consistent, pay attention to light handling.

2. Wipe each interface with a soft cloth (can be replaced with a napkin) and apply a small amount of vacuum grease.

3. The interfaces of the glass reactor should not be tightened too tightly. It should be loosened regularly to avoid the long-term tight lock and cause the connector to bite.

4. Turn on the power switch first, then let the machine run from slow to fast. When the machine is stopped, stop the machine and turn off the switch.

5. the PTFE switch everywhere can not be tightened too much, easy to damage the glass.

6. Every time you use it, you must wipe off all kinds of oil stains, stains and solvents left on the surface of the machine with a soft cloth to keep it clean.

7. Loosen the PTFE switches after stopping, and the PTFE piston will be deformed when it is still working for a long time.

8. Regularly clean the sealing ring by removing the sealing ring and checking if there is dirt on the shaft. Wipe it with a soft cloth, then apply a little vacuum grease and reinstall it to keep the shaft and seal ring smooth.

9. the electrical part must not enter the water, it is strictly prohibited to get wet.

10. must purchase the original authentic accessories, free use of other accessories can cause fatal damage to the machine.

11. When making any repairs or inspections on the glass reactor, be sure to cut off the power supply and water source.

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