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Fermenter Care And Maintenance

Technical Knowledge 2023-03-29 09:24:26
A fermenter is a device used for microbial fermentation, which can improve fermentation efficiency by optimizing the fermentation conditions of microorganisms. According to the aerobic and anaerobic properties of the cultured microorganisms, fermenters can be divided into aerobic and anaerobic types. The control system of the fermenter mainly achieves the purpose of controlling the process parameters of the entire fermenter by controlling thermal and biochemical parameters. So in the process of daily use, how should we maintain it?

1. The precision filter of the fermenter is generally used for half a year. If the filter resistance is too large or the filter capacity is lost and normal production is affected, it needs to be cleaned or replaced (it is recommended to replace it directly without cleaning, because the performance of the filter cannot be reliably guaranteed after the cleaning operation).

2. When cleaning the fermenter, please use a soft brush to scrub, do not scratch with a hard tool, so as not to damage the surface of the fermenter.

3. The supporting instruments of the fermentation tank should be calibrated once a year to ensure normal use.

4. Electrical equipment, instruments, sensors and other electrical equipment for fermentation are strictly prohibited from direct contact with water and steam to prevent moisture.

5. When the sour fermentation tank is stopped from use, it should be cleaned in time, and the remaining water in the fermentation tank and various pipelines should be drained; loosen the cover of the fermentation tank and the screw of the hand hole to prevent the deformation of the sealing ring.

6. Carbon steel equipment such as the operating platform of the fermentation tank and the constant temperature water tank should be painted regularly (once a year) to prevent corrosion.

7. Check the oil level of the reducer frequently. If the lubricating oil is not enough, it needs to be increased in time.

8. Decide to replace the lubricating oil of the reducer to prolong its service life.

9. If the fermenter is not used temporarily, it is necessary to empty the fermenter and drain the remaining water in the tank and each pipeline.

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