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Common basic problems and solutions of centrifuge

Technical Knowledge 2019-08-22 14:52:49
In recent years, due to the development of centrifuge technology at home and abroad, centrifugal separation technology has also undergone several generations of changes, from medical centrifuges, low-speed freezing centrifuges, high-speed centrifuges to high-speed freezing centrifuges, ultra-large capacity freezing centrifuges, ultra-speed centrifuges, ultra-speed freezing centrifuges and intelligent high-speed freezing centrifuges.

Question 1: What should be paid attention to when placing medical centrifuges? 

Answer: Medical centrifuges are usually placed in a dry place to avoid direct sunlight. Medical centrifuges have a relatively large heat dissipation capacity. Do not pile up sundries around them. They are at least 10cm away from walls, baffles and other airtight and poor heat dissipation items. At the same time, medical centrifuges should be kept in a single room as far as possible, and organic reagents and inflammables should never be placed around them. 

Question 2: What kind of maintenance should be paid attention to in order to prolong the service life of medical centrifuges? 

Answer: After each use, the lid of the medical centrifuge should be opened to allow the heat or moisture to evaporate naturally. If low-temperature centrifugation was used before and there may be ice formation, the lid should be cleaned with dry cotton gauze in time when the ice melts, and then when there is no obvious moisture. If the heads of medical centrifuges can be replaced, each head should be taken out in time after use, cleaned with clean and dry medical gauze, placed upside down, and never scraped with sharp instrument. The aluminum rotary head should be cleaned frequently. At the same time, the medical centrifuge should be maintained and overhauled frequently. When the operator leaves, the power supply should be cut off. First-time users should consult the personnel who have used it before or mainly refer to the instruction manual. Do not use it blindly. 

Question 3: What should we pay attention to when doing specific operations? 

Answer: We should pay attention to all aspects when using it. After selecting the rotating head and setting the parameters, observe the medical centrifuge for a while, and then leave after reaching the highest rotating speed and stable operation. If you hear abnormal sounds or smell any peculiar smell during operation, you should immediately brake, press the "stop" key and cut off the power supply if necessary. Centrifuge tubes must be placed symmetrically, and the corresponding centrifuge tubes should have the same weight as far as possible. During the operation of the instrument, it is absolutely forbidden to open the lid of the medical centrifuge! At the same time, it is also necessary for all laboratory personnel to form a good registration habit, you can know who used it before and the condition of the instruments used before. Secondly, the number of times the medical centrifuge is used can be known, so as to know whether maintenance or replacement is needed. 

Question 4: What are the common accidents of medical centrifuges? 

Answer: Due to the high frequency of use of medical centrifuges, the machine is damaged and the frequency of accidents is high. The main reason is the improper operation of laboratory personnel. Common problems include: the lid cannot be opened, the centrifuge tube cannot be taken out, the medical centrifuges do not work after pressing the key. More serious problems include bending caused by uneven stress on the rotating shaft, burning of the motor, throwing out of the horizontal bucket, more serious accidents and even injuries.

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