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Advantages Of Wave Bioreactor

Technical Knowledge 2024-03-05 16:08:56
In Recent Years, The Global Biopharmaceutical Market Has Grown Rapidly. Biopharmaceutical Companies Not Only Accelerate The Research And Development Of Innovative Drugs, But Also Consider Launching Biologic Drugs To The Market Earlier Than Competitors And At A Lower Cost. In This Case, Convenient And Fast Disposable Bioprocessing Systems Have Become The First Choice Of Pharmaceutical Companies.

1. Wave Disposable Bioreactor 

Disposable Bioprocessing Systems Have Unique Advantages That Save Pharmaceutical Companies A Lot Of Costs And Bring Great Convenience, And Are Being Recognized By The Global Biopharmaceutical Industry. The Emergence Of Disposable Bioreactors Such As Wave Bioreactors Has Once Again Accelerated The Development Of The Biopharmaceutical Industry.


Wave Bioreactor Was First Successfully Developed And Promoted On The Market In 1996. After More Than 20 Years Of Development And Improvement, The Equipment Design Has Gradually Matured.


Compared With Traditional Stirred Bioreactors, The Wave Bioreactor Causes The Culture Medium In The Culture Bag To Generate Waves During The Rocking Process, Which Increases The Contact Area Between The Gas And The Liquid Surface, And Promotes Nutrient Transfer And Oxygen Exchange Efficiency. This Gentle And Efficient Mixing Method Avoids High Shear Damage To Cells By The Stirring Paddle And Can Also Significantly Improve The Oxygen Mass Transfer Coefficient. In This Culture Method, Cells Grow Faster And Have A Higher Density.


2. Application Of Wave Bioreactor

Currently, Wave Bioreactors Are Widely Used In Viral Vaccine Production, T Cell Culture, Cho Cell Monoclonal Antibody Production, 293 Cell Transient Transfection, Stem Cell Culture, And Various Suspension And Microcarrier Adhesion And Other Biotechnologies.


The Researchers Used Wave Disposable Bioreactors To Optimize The Culture Of Cho Cells. The Experiment Used Classic Tangential Flow Filtration (Tff) And Alternating Tangential Flow Systems (Atf) Equipment To Optimize The Perfusion Process. Comprehensive Results Analysis Shows That While Ensuring The Normal Growth Of Cho Cells And High-Quality Production Of Products, The Cell Density Can Be As High As 1.46×108 Cell/Ml, Indicating That The Wave Reactor Has Unique Advantages And Potential In High-Density Cell Culture. This Also It Shows That The Disposable Wave Bioreactor Will Have Broad Application Prospects In The Biopharmaceutical Industry.


In Addition, Wave Disposable Bioreactors Have Great Advantages In Personalized Treatment Of Cell Drugs. For Example, The Use Of Disposable Culture Bags Allows The Same Equipment To Culture Cells On Various Platforms, Avoids Cross-Contamination, And Improves Production. Efficiency.


The Use Of Disposable Reactors And Other Consumables Can Also Reduce The Company's Employee Training Costs, Such As Training On The Use Of Public Facilities, Cleaning And Sterilization, And Subsequent Verification, Reduce Employee Operating Errors, And Shorten The Drug Production Cycle.


Wave Disposable Bioreactors Also Reduce The Possibility Of Multiple Exposures Of Cells To The Outside Laboratory Environment During Culture. All Sterile Disposable Tubing And Transfer Bags Are Used During Inoculation, Feeding And Sampling, And Transfer. To A Great Extent, It Complies With Gmp Production Requirements For A Closed Environment, And While Complying With Regulations, It Shortens The Time To Market Of Pharmaceutical Companies' Products.


3. Laboao Wave Bioreactor


The Laboao Wave Bioreactor Mixes Through A Rocking Motion, And Does Not Require Any Mechanical Stirring In Disposable Culture Bags To Achieve Mixing; Suitable For A Variety Of Cell Culture Applications, Including Conventional Batches And Fed-Batch Batches Secondary And Perfusion Culture Processes.


4.Laboao Wave Bioreactor Also Has The Following Features:

01: Digestible Transfer Amplification.

02: Equipped With A Suitable Microscope For Direct Observation.

03: The Product Can Be Directly Harvested By Freezing And Thawing.

04: One-Time Sealed Environment Operation, Low Risk Of Contamination.

05: Provide A Dynamic Training Environment. Provides A Better Growth Environment Than Cell Reactors.

06: Provide Large Specific Surface Area. It Can Replace Cell Factories And Spinner Bottles For Cell Seed Preparation And Virus Seed Preparation.

07: The Control System Is Capable Of Data Collection, Real-Time Curve Recording, Historical Record Tracing, Result Comparison And Report Printing, And Meets Regulatory Requirements.

08: The Fully Automatic Feedback Controller Of The Wave Bioreactor Adopts Advanced Pd Feedback Control Technology To Comprehensively Monitor The Cell Culture Process And Achieve A More Stable And Reliable Cell Culture Process.

09: The System Is Designed For Touch Screen. It Uses A High-Precision Tmfc Mass Flow Meter To Realize The Mixing Of Air, Co2 And O2. It Cooperates With The New Generation Of High-Precision Optical Fiber Ph Technology And Do Optical Fiber Dissolved Oxygen Technology, As Well As Plc Control Program To Control Ph, Do And Air. Key Parameters Such As , Co2 And O2 Realize All-Round Monitoring And Automatic Control.


5. Conclusion

According To Calculations By Authoritative Organizations, The Global Disposable Technology Market Is Expected To Reach Us$5.9 Billion By 2024, With A Compound Annual Growth Rate Of 11.3%, Indicating That The Future Of Global Disposable Biotechnology Is Bright.

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