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Intelligent gradient thermal cycler reaction zone for quick editing

Intelligent gradient thermal cycler reaction zone for quick editing

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The product integrates a variety of advanced technology in one: Windows operating system, color full touch screen
  • BrandLABOAO
  • ModelLPCR-T Series
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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This series USES 8 customized American Marlow semiconductor cooling wafers, with maximum temperature change rate over 5 degrees per second and cycle times over 1 million times. The product integrates a variety of advanced technology in one: Windows operating system, color full touch screen, four independent temperature control technology, computer online function, printing function, large data storage and expansion functions; Both will improve the functions of qualitative PCR products to the extreme, and the powerful functions will meet the needs of higher requirements for experiments.


1. The Peltier module is designed for 8 temperature circulators with long service life, and 4 groups of loops can be formed to control 4 temperature zones independently;

2. The engineering reinforced aluminum module treated by anodic oxidation technology not only retains the rapid thermal conductivity, but also has enough corrosion resistance;

3. Rapid rise and cooling rate, the fastest rise and cooling rate of 5 ℃ / s, save precious time experiment;

4. Multiple modules can be replaced, and two different PCR programs can be run at the same time when dual-slot modules are selected;

5. Stepless adjustable hot cover, can adapt to different height of the test tube, open the cover can be positioned at any Angle;

6. Friendly Windows interface, color touch screen control, high definition TFT display (8 inches, 800 x 600 pixels, 16 true colors), graphical menu navigation interface, extremely simple operation;

7. Built-in 11 standard program file templates, can quickly edit required files;

8. The program USES folder management, can be built directory;

9. Real-time display of program progress and remaining time, support intermediate programming of PCR instrument;

10. One-button rapid incubation to meet the needs of denaturation, enzyme digestion/enzyme ligation, ELISA and other experiments;

11. Large data storage capacity, which can store up to 10,000 files;

12. The hot cover temperature and working mode can be set to meet different experimental requirements;

13. Automatic power off protection. After the power is restored, the unfinished cycle will be executed automatically to ensure the safe operation of the whole process of amplification;

14. GLP experiment report, recording the operation information of each step of the program, and providing accurate data support for the analysis of experimental results;

15. User login management, three-level authority, password protection function to ensure data security;

16.USB interface, support U inventory/PCR data, or use USB mouse to control PCR instrument;

17. Support U disk and LAN update software;

18.One machine can control multiple PCR meters at the same time through network connection;

19. Optional miniature wireless bluetooth printer can record experimental program information easily and accurately;

20. Support the function of sending email reminders after the end of the experimental program.



LPCR-9611T/ LPCR-6021T/ LPCR-4851T/ LPCR-4831T/ LPCR-3841T

LPCR-9612T/ LPCR-6022T/ LPCR-4852T/ LPCR-4832T/ LPCR-3842T


96×0.2ml , 60×0.5ml , Double 48×0.2ml   ,48×0.2ml+30×0.5ml,384well , In-situ Plate

Temperature Range


Heating Rate


Cooling Rate






Display Resolution


Temperature Control


Ramping Rate Adjustable


Gradient Uniformity



Gradient Accuracy



Gradient Temp. Range



Gradient Spread



Hot Lid Temperature


Hot Lid Height Adjustable

Stepless Adjustable

Number of Programs

10000 +(USB FLASH)

Max. No. of Step


Max. No. of Cycle


Time Increment/Decrement

1 Sec ~ 600 Sec

Temp. Increment/Decrement


Pause Function


Auto Data Protection


Hold at 4






LAN to computer



8 inch, 800 x 600 pels, 260,000 colors


USB2.0 , LAN


390mm×270mm×255mm (L×W×H)



Power Supply

85~264VAC , 47~63Hz , 600 W

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