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LCD screen touch nucleic acid extraction instrument

LCD screen touch nucleic acid extraction instrument

The LNP968-C nucleic acid extraction system is based on an automated extraction method based on magnetic bead adsorption separation. It can overcome the shortcomings of traditional nucleic acid extraction methods and achieve rapid and efficient preparation of 1-32 samples at a time.
  • ModelLNP968-C
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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LCD screen touch nucleic acid extraction instrument with corresponding nucleic acid extraction reagents, it can process serum, plasma, whole blood, swabs, amniotic fluid, feces, tissue lavage fluid, tissues, paraffin sections, bacteria, fungi and other sample types. It is widely used in disease prevention and control, animal quarantine , Clinical diagnosis, entry-exit inspection and quarantine, food and drug supervision, forensic medicine, teaching and scientific research.


1. Air filter module, UV disinfection module

2. Can be connected with a code scanning gun, automatically identify program information after scanning, one-click operation




Processing volume

30 1000μl

Sample throughput


Magnetic bead recovery efficiency


Heating temperature

Cracking   heating temperature: room temperature to 105 ° C.

Elution heating temperature: room temperature   to 105 ° C.

Oscillating mixing

Multi-mode and multi-level adjustable

Reagent type

Magnetic bead reagent

Operation interface

Chinese operating system, color LCD touch   operation

Experimental storage

Can store> 500 groups of programs

Program management

Can   flexibly create, edit, apply and delete corresponding programs

Pollution control

Exhaust filter module, UV disinfection module

Power failure protection

Free to choose whether to continue running   the experiment when power is accidentally cut off and then powered on

Computer interface


Network communication

Extensible Ethernet remote control

Product dimensions




Using electric

AC110240V, 50Hz/60Hz, 750VA

Operating temperature range


Operating humidity range

Less than 80%


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