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Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System
Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System

Touch Screen Laboratory Microwave Digestion Extraction System

TANK microwave digestion instrument has always adhered to the principles and concepts of "operating safety", "efficient and convenient" and "durable" from research and development to production. It is a microwave digestion workstation that is widely applicable to various digestion needs and the modernization of laboratories.
  • ModelTNAK
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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TANK series  microwave digestion system adopts the international advanced double magnetron frequency microwave heating system and realizes the high power microwave balanced magnetic field safety heating. it has multiple stringent safety guarantee mechanisms to ensure that TANK has a high level of safety performance and data accuracy; at the same time, it is highly The intelligent man-machine dialogue operating system and wireless control module make the experiment process efficient, convenient and humanized, and bring scientific, efficient, safe and comfortable operation experience to scientific and technological workers.


1. Multiple safety protection function: It has more than ten safety protection measures to ensure experiment safety,including temperature control system, pressure control system,real-time temperature and pressure abnormal monitoring system, explosion-proof security doors, thicken cavity with 10 layer TEFLON coating, High-power exhaust system, program with suspend or start at any time. Ladder-style control temperature system, the material is TFM for the vessel and aerospace composite material for the vessel cover, the vessel cap with PFA and the pressure shrapnel use PEEK.

2. Optical fiber temperature control system: The TANK adopts the internationally advanced optical fiber temperature control system.It avoids producing the spark which other temperaturecontrol mode caused, effectively eliminates microwave interference temperature control system and other factors. It not only achieves precision control temperature but also it is themost safe microwave digestion temperature control mode at present.

3. The outer tank of Xtra Fiber, a high-strength composite fiber that does not burst, bursts, or tears, and has good corrosion resistance.

4. The sturdy and durable industrial-grade furnace chamber structure strengthens the impact resistance of the furnace chamber

5. Fast cooling of the digestion tank within 15 minutes

6. Multi-core integrated optical fiber temperature control system, accurate temperature control and uniform digestion

7. Real-time multi-task operating system, remote control observation, can be equipped with Wi-Fi tablet control, convenient and comfortable operation;

8. COT real-time temperature and pressure abnormal monitoring system ensures safe operation without fail

9. Upgradable dual-screen design, real-time monitoring of the operation of the digestion tank in the furnace chamber






48L Resonant Cavity

Digestion method

50 preinstalled methods, programming   100 methods

20 preinstalled methods, programming   50 methods

Temperature measurement range

-40°C - 305° C

0°C - 305 °C

Temperature accuracy


Pressure accuracy


Temperature control method

Optical Fiber

Max pressure

80Mpa C


Vessel volume


Vessel quantity

12 Vessels

Cooling method

forced air cooling

TEFLON coating

10 layer C

8 layer


USB, RS232


7" LCD screen

Control model

Touch screen

Power supply

220VAC±10% 50Hz

Power output






12-position rotor TK-100 (model) airtight high-pressure reaction tank:

Maximum   design pressure

15MPa   (about 2200psi)

Maximum   design temperature


Inner   tank volume


Tank   rack material

PP   + glass fiber high-strength composite material

Outer tank material

Super   aerospace composite fiber material Xtra Fiber

Inner   tank material

TFM   (Enhanced and Improved Polytetrafluoroethylene)

Maximum   batch size

12   cans; TANK BASIC comes standard with 10 cans, which can be increased to 12   cans




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