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High-throughput Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation
High-throughput Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation

High-throughput Microwave Sample Preparation Workstation

The MDS-15 high-throughput closed microwave digestion/extraction/synthesis workstation is convenient, efficient, durable, safe and reliable, and meets the needs of different users. Special samples such as petrochemical samples, polymer materials, animal and vegetable oils can also be completely digested.
  • ModelMDS-15
  • BrandLABOAO
  • PortAny port in China
  • PackagePlywood case package
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The MDS-15 is a high-throughput, multi-functional closed microwave sample preparation workstation with the latest technology and a lifetime warranty on the core component. The MDS-15 is a versatile workstation which can handle the routine work, and more complicated and demanding samples in your prep rack with a wide variety of vessels to choose from. MDS-15 applies high-energy uniform microwave field, it delivers a rapid digestion with a quick 20 minute cool down time. 


1. Rugged industrial-grade furnace chamber + safe explosion-proof sliding furnace door to ensure the personal safety of the operator

2. The safety bolt design of the safety relief tablet realizes quantitative and safe pressure relief while fully airtight digestion

3. High-strength aerospace composite fiber outer tank, both mechanical strength and anti-corrosion ability

4. Uni-Turn technology synchronous rotation technology to improve the reliability of the instrument

5. Fully enclosed high-pressure digestion technology effectively improves the recovery rate and ensures the accuracy of the data results

6. Excellent digestion ability to meet the digestion needs of special samples

7. The instrument and software are convenient and quick to operate, supporting a variety of digestion solutions





220-240 VAC 50/60Hz 16A

Microwave source

2450MHz, dual magnetron design

Installed power


Maximum output power

2200W, non-pulse continuous automatic variable   frequency control


65L stainless steal industrial grade   professional chamber, multi-layer chemical resistant PFA coating

Door design

6 layer steel structure and popup cushioning   explosion-proof sliding chamber door (Auto-Pop) design, electronic and   mechanical dual-control door lock

Video monitoring system (Optional)

Wireless video monitoring system, mobile phones and   tablets can realize the observation and monitoring of the reaction

Turntable design

Load 16 GP-100 closed digestion vessels at same   time

Pressure measurement and control system

Piezoelectric crystal pressure sensor, pressure   control range :0-10MPa (1500 psi), accuracy ± 0.01MPa

Temperature measurement and control system

High-precision platinum resistor temperature   sensor, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃; IR temperature sensor   as optional, temperature range :0-300°C, accuracy ±1℃.

Outer vessel material

Explosion-proof outer vessel made of aerospace   composite fiber. high temperature and pressure resistance   reach 600℃and 66 Mpa(10000psi).

Inner vessel material

Modified TFM material

Chamber exhaust system

High-power anticorrosion axial fan, 20 minutes cooling   time (from 200°C to 60°C)

Working environment

0-40 °C, 15-80%RH

Whole physical size/weight

550*670*700 mm, 70 KG

Name of reaction vessel

16 GP-100 ultrahigh strength frame closed   vessel

Model of reaction vessel


Processing capacity in one batch


Inner vessel material


Explosion-proof outer vessel material

Aerospace composite fiber Xtra Fiber

Frame structure of digestion rotor

Independent frame structure of each

Reaction vessel volume

digestion vessel

Maximum design pressure


Maximum temperature


Maximum sample amount


Resistance to HF


Magnetic stirring function


Typical application





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