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High Pressure And High Throughput Microwave Digestion Instrument High Pressure And High Throughput Microwave Digestion Instrument
High Pressure And High Throughput Microwave Digestion Instrument High Pressure And High Throughput Microwave Digestion Instrument

High Pressure And High Throughput Microwave Digestion Instrument

TANK PLUS microwave digestion instrument adheres to the consistent quality of the TANK series, "safe operation, efficient and convenient, durable", and has a number of product features. Accurate temperature/pressure measurement and control and efficient dual-magnetron frequency conversion microwave heating technologies can effectively improve the digestion ability of samples; multiple harsh mechanisms ensure the safety of experimenters. At the same time, intelligent UI design and cloud services and other functions It brings a comfortable operating experience to scientific and technological workers. It is a high-pressure and high-throughput microwave digestion instrument.
  • ModelTNAK PLUS
  • BrandLABOAO
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TANK PLUS adopts dual magnetron frequency conversion microwave heating system, which realizes high-power microwave balanced magnetic field safe heating; multi-core integrated optical fiber and infrared temperature measurement dual temperature measurement system; large cavity design can be used for 12, 24, and 40 turntables .

TANK PLUS has multiple strict safety guarantee mechanisms to ensure that the instrument has a high level of safety performance and data accuracy; at the same time, TANK PLUS's highly intelligent man-machine dialogue operating system and cloud service function make the experiment process efficient, convenient and user-friendly. Technologists bring scientific, efficient, safe and comfortable operating experience; extraction accessories can be selected for atmospheric extraction experiments.


1. Patented structure—the prefect combination of high-throughput digestion and high-pressure digestion.

2. High-strength aerospace composite fiber outer vessel, perfect within mechanical strength and corrosion-resistance

3. Safety Bolt design, being fully sealed and digested while achieving quantified safety pressure relief

4. Optical-fiber and IR temperature measurement system, having precise temperature control and simultaneous monitoring of abnormalities to ensure accurate results and experiment safety

5. High precision semiconductor pressure sensor with high corrosion resistance and high mechanical strength

6. Dual magnetron inverter control system ensures consistent sample digestion

7. Powerful and convenient software assistant in accordance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11

8. Support by the cloud service function, expanding the storage capacity while keeping the data in safe

9. The digester integrated dual LCD screen display, clearly showing the digestion state and experiment-process

10. A variety of supporting tools available, easy to take Experiment





220~240VAC 50/60Hz 20A

Microwave source

2450MHz, dual magnetron design, high energy microwave   emission

Installation power


Maximum output power


Microwave cavity

66L large volume 316L stainless steel cavity, inner and   outer multi-layer corrosion-resistant Teflon spray

Batch numbers

12 Vessels

Explosion-proof safety door design

Safety door designed based on 3-D directional   explosion-proof mechanism, anti-microwave leakage integrated with anti-flow   groove structure design

Pressure monitoring system

High-precision novel semiconductor pressure sensor with   pressure control range: 0~10MPa (1450psi), control accuracy ±0.01MPa

Temperature monitoring system

Non-metallic multi-core optical fiber + full tank IR   dual temperature measurement, temperature control range: -40~305 °C,   temperature control accuracy: ±0.1 °C

Passive protection system

COT real-time temperature and pressure anomaly   monitoring system can automatically alarm and cut off microwaves to protect   users' safety when temperature and pressure anomalies occur in any one of the   reaction vessels.


Android system; video SOP; built-in method library;   cloud service, data storage and sharing; Wi-Fi remote connection, etc.

Communication ports

With USB port and network cable port

Video Monitoring

With an internal camera for real-time monitoring of the   operation of the digestion vessel in the chamber

Furnace exhaust system

Cool to room temperature for less than 15 minutes

Microwave extraction module

Normal pressure extraction experiment

Working environment

0~40℃ / 15~80%RH

Overall physical size / net weight

600*685*660 (W*D*H)/62kg

Reaction   tank name

High   Pressure Digestion Tank

Ultra-high   pressure digestion tank

Batch   volume


24   /40

Inner   tank material



Outer   tank material transfer

Aerospace   Composite Fiber

Aerospace   Composite Fiber

Sub-frame   structure

Independent   tank frame structure for single digestion tank

High-strength   integrated rotor frame

Reaction   tank volume



Maximum   design temperature



Maximum   design pressure









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